Families and Grandparents Stay and Play

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Families and Grandparents Stay and Play

Posted: 02nd Apr 2019

Categories: Fairfield’s Private Day Nursery

On Friday 29th March 2019 we invited our Families and Grandparents to a stay and play session at nursery. We had lots of fun and received some great feedback!

‘What a lovely idea and how welcome you have made us all. It is a great opportunity for Martha to show us all the things she likes to do. Its also great to be able to spend time chatting to all the staff and to tell you what a fabulous team you all are. Many Thanks!’

‘Spent a pleasant hour with the children, who were very busy with their activities and seemed to be enjoying themselves very much. Staff very helpful and pleasant. Thank you!’

‘Thank you for the lovely welcome to your nursery, it was lovely sitting with the children and playing. Its a great idea and enjoyable. Thank you!’

‘Love the idea of spending time with the children for Mother’s Day, although I am a Grandma! Nursery is bright, airy and welcoming and the activities and equipment are GREAT! All the children were enjoying themselves and were very chatty. Thank you!’

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